Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy acts as our legal instrument designed to control and govern all the parties concerning the usage of website.

This private policy is legally binding thus our relations concerning privacy shall always be governed by our privacy policy instrument immediately either party enters into an agreement with our company. Thus, the mutual and legal rights will be enjoyed by both parties that enter into the agreement.

There are different important issues one may encounter while using our website. We advise that you carefully and passionately read this privacy policy.

For the avoidance of any confusion, we will refer to as “website” and anyone who visits the website on any device as “you.”


  1. Our privacy policy serves as our unique form of an agreement once you visit the website.
  2. Immediately you sign into the website it is taken that you have expressed sufficient consent.
  3. You may, however, be asked by our website to express your consent several times depending on our discretion.
  4. You may leave our website immediately whenever you feel that you do not agree with our privacy policy.
  5. Your use of website shall be deemed unlawful unless you agree to enter into an agreement with us.
  6. Thus, our privacy policy is applicable during your entire presence on our website.

General provisions

  1. It is our culture and wish always to provide you with products and services of the highest quality on the market. To achieve this, we believe that it is necessary that you undertake a proper and straightforward identification procedure clearly labeled on the website.
  2. Since we only obtain limited information about you as you enjoy our services, all this is to make sure that subsequent communication with you is smoother and your experience enhanced.
  3. As you consent to our terms and conditions, it is deemed that you agree that the use of your information on the website is both explicit as well as legitimate. Thus, your information should be not only accurate and relevant but also not excessive regarding the purpose for which it is intended.
  4. The information we obtained subject to the procurement of our services is deemed legally and fairly obtained since your prior consent will have been sought.
  5. Be aware that you submit your information to us through the following ways:
  6. When you fill in forms.
  7. When you identify yourself.
  8. When you correspond with us in any way possible.
  9. We DO NOT obtain information revealing your:
  1. Race or ethnicity
  2. Political orientations
  3. Religious inclinations
  4. Trade or union membership
  5. Physical or mental state
  6. Sexual orientation
  7. Criminal history
  8. We automatically begin to receive the following information immediately you open our website:
  9. Type of browser
  10. The operating system
  11. The time of access
  12. However, when you purchase our services, we request for the following information:
  13. Your email
  14. Your phone number
  15. Copy or driver’s license or your national ID
  16. Limited credit card information
  17. We may use your email address in subsequent correspondences between yourself and us.
  18. Your implied consent is registered the moment you press the “submit button.”

Other provisions

  1. All the information gathered in the order form and your personal account is usually processed with the SSL certification. This guarantees total confidentiality and security to all the transactions.
  2. We know that many criminals strive to access the data of individual online. It is our personal duty and guarantee never to share your information with third parties. We do this by also keeping our employees trained and instructed to keep your information safe.
  3. The private policy does not establish or initiates any obligations for third parties. Conversely, you are not to serve as on agent for any third parties.
  4. Correspondence between you and us shall be solely made in English. These correspondences could be in terms of messages, inquiries, requests applications or any other consents, among others.
  5. The private policy can be amended, improved on the company’s sole discretion bereft of any notices or warning.
  6. This privacy policy was last updated on May 10, 2016.