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Products and Services

  1. Copywriting is our primary service. By copywriting, we refer to the preparation of unique text materials tailored for individual preferences and orders.
  2. By text, we refer to digital writings of any size and on any size and any topic.
  3. These custom written papers are obtained from our highly skilled and experienced team of writers. These terms of use do not extend in any way to any relations with our writers.
  4. We guarantee and make sure that our writers present uniquely prepared papers for our customers’ needs.
  5. You may submit your ORDER using a special form on our website, essaycurve.com. We, therefore, request that you submit your requirements in depth so that the writers may capture your exact desire in the custom written papers.
  6. You are free to view our website for free informational purposes. However, any other use of the website will need a separate consent as indicated.
  7. We can write dissertations, coursework, business plans, essays, curriculum vitae, among others.
  8. In addition, we may accept your own texts for revision, proofreading or editing for any grammatical, punctuation and stylistic errors as well as plagiarism.